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Pros of Senior Living Communities

With everything going on in the world, there are a lot of family members who do not want to move their loved one into a senior living community during this time. Many family members think they will not be able to see their loved one or they think individuals who are in senior living communities are confined to their rooms. These individuals don’t know the pros of living in a community. Right now is a great time to consider transitioning your loved one to a new home in a senior living community.

Here are the top 3 pros of choosing a senior living community for your aging loved one:

  1. Community - Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual well being is important. Research has shown that aging adults who keep socially active live longer and live better lives. Living in a community, many different activities are offered to ensure all aspects of a resident’s life is met.

  2. Security - Most families in situations where they have to make decisions for their loved ones know how worrisome leaving their aging loved one can be, especially if their loved one lives with cognitive or physical impairments. Moving loved ones to a senior living community means that they will be cared for and watched 24/7. This allows families to have some peace-of-mind and lower levels of anxiety when not being physically with their loved one.

  3. Easier Future Transition - If your loved one does decline, they already are in a community that knows them, knows their interests, and knows how to best care for them. If your family chooses a continuum of care commnuity, your loved one can go through all stages of life right in the same community.

At Christ The King Manor, we are a continuing of care retirement community. We offer a secure community setting for our residents. Our number one goal is to care for our residents to the best of our ability, which includes connecting them with their families regularly. We offer spiritual wellness activities, physical activities, and other activities that help support cognitive stimuli.

For more information about how we can help you at Christ the King Manor, head to

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