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COVID-19: Masking Update

•    Face masks are not required, UNLESS respiratory illness or High exposure, and immune compromised residents.
•    Visitors are permitted in the Dining Room.
•    Visitors permitted in COVID+ areas by arrangement only.
•    In person events and meetings without restriction.

•    As a courtesy to our Residents, staff will mask if a patient is masked or requests staff to mask.
•    Visitors will continue to screen in and out.
•    Employees must screen in at start of shift.

•    Airborne Isolation for COVID+ residents and proper PPE.
•    Employees must not report to work if feeling ill.  Notify Manager, continue testing and follow return to work protocol.
•    Your department head will contact for follow-up if needed.
•    Wear higher level of PPE if desired.


•    Wearing a simple surgical mask may protect others but probably not you. 
•    Two people wearing masks protects both 
•    1 person wearing fitted N95 may protect both. 
•    Still use universal precautions frequent hand washing



If you have questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you.

Please email: 

or call: (814)371-3180

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