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Christ the King Manor

50 Years, Celebrating by Giving!

Christ the King Manor’s 50th Anniversary in 2021 and we are ready to celebrate! Our 50th celebration theme is “Celebrating by Giving” Throughout 2021, Christ the King Manor will fundraise for/donate to 12 local, national, or internal causes that we believe support our same mission.

Below you will see a list of organizations/causes that we have supported already this year, and ways you can help us support future recipients through fundraisers.

Gateway Humane Society - $850 Raised

Penn Highlands Heart Association - $2,000 Raised

Grady’s Decision - $1,200 Raised

Park Side Community Center - $850 Raised

Penn Highlands Free Medical Clinic - $1,000 Raised

Dubois and Sandy Fire Department - $1,300 Raised

American Cancer Society Relay for Life - $1,000 Raised

Dubois Food Pantry - $500 Raised