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Nice Weather Means More Exercising!

As the weather starts getting nicer, think about exercising more! Physical exercise for seniors is very important as it lowers the risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, and obesity in older adults. Exercise also helps with balance, posture, and strength. The following YouTube videos are to help with specific issues you or your loved one may have. Before starting these exercises, please be sure you don’t do these alone. Make sure there is someone there to supervise in case anything were to happen.

Balance and Posture:

  • Chair Exercise for Balance and Posture - LINK

  • 10 Daily Posture Exercises for Seniors - LINK

Arthritis Help:

  • Chair Exercise for Arthritis – LINK

Core Fitness:

  • Chair Exercises for the Core - LINK

General Fitness Videos

  • Seated Exercises - LINK

  • Standing Exercises - LINK

Even if these exercises seem like they are too much, think about going for short walks while the weather is nice.

Christ the King Manor offers Independent Living options, such as our Apartments and Cottages. Residents of the Cottages and Apartments have access to yoga exercises. Yoga exercises are just one of the many activities offered when living in Christ the King Manor’s Independent Living.

Our Community Center offers a borrowing library, Beauty/Barber Shop, exercise gym, and a café. Currently, Our Beauty/Barber Shop services are offered in-home at each resident's house when requested. The Café is open normal hours.

For more information about our Cottages or Apartments that are available, please head to

For information about all other services the CTKM offers, please head to

Author: Christ the King Manor

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