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Take Time For Yourself - Respite Care

Taking responsibility and caring for a loved one is a large task. Becoming a caregiver means helping with activities of daily living, emotional support, and transportation. Over time, this becomes harder and harder for caregivers to bare, especially if the person you are caring for is a loved one. Watching your loved one decline

is hard enough. Caring for the loved one on top of that is even harder.

It is important for primary caregivers to get temporary relief from duties to care for themselves.

Taking time for yourself could be a vacation or a staycation. No matter which one it is, respite care offers an opportunity for the caregiver to destress physically and mentally. Caregivers can use this time to do things they enjoy, like going for walks, fishing, reading a book, or taking a nap outside on your porch. Taking advantage of respite care can also help with relaxation and energy renewal so you can be 100% again when caring for your loved one.

Within our skilled nursing division, we offer respite care programs. Respite care involves short-term or temporary care of the sick or disabled and is designed to provide relief to the regular caregiver.

If you take care of a family member on a daily basis and need some time to take care of yourself, let Christ the King Manor help you through our Respite Stay and Support program.

Author: Christ the King Manor


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