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New Hobbies for Aging Adults

Many of our daily activities changed in 2020 due to guidelines and restrictions. To pass time, aging adults can learn new skills and take on new hobbies. Learning new skills allows your brain to think in a different way than it is used to, which helps stimulate the mind. This will also help you or your loved one to stay active at little to no cost.

Photography: You can learn more about cameras:

Knitting: Knitting is one activity that helps exercise fine motor skills and stimulates the mind. You can find knitting needles at Michaels, Joann Fabrics, or Walmart. If you would like to order online, Amazon has some knitting kits. Watch this video to learn how to knit:

Writing poetry: Although there are minimal guidelines on how to write poetry, there are some basic things you should know. Check out this YouTube video to learn more on how to start writing poems:

Painting: There are many types of painting styles that you can get into.

  1. Basics of Painting Ceramics: My Papa recently started getting into painting ceramic items at home with my Nana. They both say that painting is not only relaxing but is something they look forward to doing together. If you have family or friends that you buy gifts for around the holidays, maybe try painting a ceramic piece for them. Last year, my grandparents made all 5 grandchildren ceramic stockings. The gift was personal and meant a lot to all of us. Here is a link to the basics of painting ceramics:

  2. Basics of Acrylic Painting:

  3. Basics of Oil Painting:

Crafting: Check out this Pinterest board to see “do it yourself” (DIY) creations:

Playing an instrument: Music is a great outlet and hobby to have. Here are some links to easy instruments to learn: Kalimba, Travolette, Ukulele, Bongos.

Starting a new sport: Here are 7 sports that are perfect for aging adults:

Cooking/Baking: See this Pinterest board for some easy

There are advantages to learning new skills as an older adult. Not only can learning a new skill help keep a person mentally sharp, but it also helps keep you or your loved one socially active, improves memory, and helps fight boredom.

At Christ the King Manor, we think it is important that residents stay mentally and physically active. Subscribe to our newsletter to see all activities and happenings on campus:

Author: Dominique Martino

Title: Director of Marketing and Communications


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