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Know the Duties of Being a Caregiver

There are many duties caregivers have, and there are a couple of ways caregivers become full-time or part-time caregivers. One way of becoming a caregiver is working in a senior living facility or home support organization. You can also become a caregiver by slowly adding tasks for a loved one to your list. No matter what way you become a caregiver it is important to know some of the responsibilities caregivers have and how to care for yourself while caring for another.

Some of the top caregiver responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with basic needs: This includes activities of daily living (ADLs). Some ADLs include bathing, brushing teeth, cooking, laundry, and cleaning.

  • Monitoring medications: Many aging adults take several prescription medications to treat illnesses. Helping your client or loved one means you will help track and organize their medication list. Knowing and understanding which drug treats what is important, too.

  • Providing transportation: Being able to take your client or loved one to an appointment, the store, or church is another task that must be thought of. Having a reliable vehicle, up-to-date driver’s license, easily accessible vehicle for the loved one/client is vital.

  • Housekeeping: This can include dusting, mopping, and sweeping. Scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens are two of the places that need to be cleaned the most as they can become the dirtiest.

  • Fall prevention: Help prevent falls by adding, moving, or removing items that could cause a slip. Items that need moved or removed could include area rugs, stands, or chairs. Be sure there is enough room to walk or move around the house easily. If you are caring for a loved one, adding grips or handles in the bathroom to get in and out of the shower or on and off the toilet can help prevent falls, too.

  • Preparing meals: As a caregiver, you can be in charge of preparing meals. Make sure you know a variety of recipes. If you are not much of a cook, finding simple recipes or meals to prepare can be an easy fix. Some easy meals include canned soup, bagged rice, or microwavable meals. If you want to personally prepare meals, here is a link to many easy recipes on Pinterest: LINK

  • Memory care: Doing activities is one way that caregivers can help with memory care. Here are a couple of links to Pinterest boards with many activities that you can do with a loved one or client to help stimulate their mind: PuzzlesCraftsCook TogetherOther Activities

  • Companionship: The most important part of being a caregiver is providing companionship. As adults age, the feeling of loneliness grows as family and friends move away, and as mobility lessens in the individual. Having this feeling can lead to serious health issues including depression. When becoming a caregiver, you are giving an aging loved one someone to bond and grow a connection with.

Some days, being a caregiver can be stressful. When those days come, remember the following:

  • You cannot be perfect.

  • You have the right to all of your emotions.

  • Breathe and set realistic expectations for yourself.

  • Take time to yourself – meditate, pray, or listen to music.

  • Learn to say ‘no’ when there are things you cannot do.

  • Identify stressors and coping skills.

  • Eat right, exercise, and sleep!

If you are caring for a loved one and need extra support, please contact our Home Support Services. Our team can help you find the perfect caregiver on our team. We can help assist you during a variety of hours throughout the week and weekend. See more here:

If you are someone interested in becoming a caregiver. Please learn more and apply to Christ the King at Home at this link: Apply Here!

We hope these tips help you as a caregiver. Please remember to subscribe to our blog by entering your email at this link: We look forward to continuing to provide weekly aging insights benefitting you and your loved ones each Wednesday.

Author: Dominique Martino, M.A.

Title: Director of Marketing and Communications

Work Cited:


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