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Employees who are National COVID-Ready Caregiver Certified!

We appreciate the extra effort that the following employees have put forward in becoming COVID-Ready Certified. This will help protect co-workers and our residents.

List of Certified Employees

Amanda Hartzell, LPN Charge Nurse

Hannah Painter, PC Caregiver

Stacy Huff,  Nursing Assistant

Lori Stafford, Physical Therapist

Tina Hamaker, Nursing Assistant

Bethany Erickson, RN Supervisor

Heidi Cudworth, RN Supervisor

James Smith, PTA

Jeanette Petitti, PTA

Ronda Fye, Home Support Caregiver

Shandell Hyde, Home Support Caregiver

Emily Reitz, Home Support Caregiver

Kenita Mlechick, Home Support Caregiver

Brenna Engle, Home Support Caregiver

Nancy Engle, Home Support Caregiver

McKenzie Raybuck, Home Support Caregiver

Shawna Troup, Home Support Caregiver

Brianna Yanulittis, Home Support Caregiver

Terry Henry, Home Support Caregiver

Kelly Clayton, Home Support Caregiver

Tiffany Wachob, Home Support Caregiver

Jennifer Grzeda, Home Support Coordinator

Ashley Bowser, Home Support Coordinator 

Nancy Dale, Home Support Caregiver

Cherly Minich, Home Support Caregiver

Kayla Buttolph, Nursing Assistant

Shelby Yeaney, Dining Services

Naomi Gray, Nursing Assistant

Stephanie Johnson, Dining Services

Stephanie Passmore, Dining Services

Jessica Deasey, RN Supervisor

Jessica Brant, Nursing Assistant

Heather Smith, RN Charge Nurse

Laurel Britton, LPN Charge Nurse

Veronica Anderson, Housekeeping

Angie Amundson, PC Administrator

Rebecca Munger, LPN Charge Nurse

Lisa Demotte, COTA

Carol Kemp, PC Housekeeping

Elizabeth Alexander, Speech Therapist

Christa Overbeck, Nursing Assistant

Yevonna Graham, Nursing Assistant

Denise Good, Resident Advocate

Jacob Johnson, Nursing Assistant

Jean Dixon, Nursing Assistant

Amber Nixon, LPN Charge Nurse

Lacey Kemp, Laundry Assistant

Latrisha Cowan, RN Education Coordinator

Judy Passmore,  Nursing Assistant/Transport

Michelle DiGilarmo, Director of Human Resources

Paula Felton-Werner, Administrator

Rod Shaffer, Director of Environmental Services

Heather Dodd, Home Support Coordinator

Leslie Hess, Housekeeping

Marlene Levin, Nursing Assistant

Michelle McLaughlin, LPN Charge Nurse

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