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Stay SAFE this Christmas Holiday

Christmas is a time for seeing friends and family members that you don’t normally see throughout the year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has many new suggestions for small gatherings of family and friends this Christmas.

The suggestion of celebrating virtually is always number one. Using tools like Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and Google Duo are ideal methods to reduce the spread of COVID-19. These virtual meeting mediums are safe and easy to use for all ages.

Gathering with just the people in your household is another way for you to reduce the spread of COVID-19. No individuals who live outside of your home should enter your house to ensure less exposure to the virus itself. Thus, slowing the spread of the virus among one another. As the CDC states, "People who do not currently live in your housing unit, such as college students who are returning home from school for the holidays, should be considered part of different households."

If you decide to hold a small gathering this Christmas, take precautions. Before hosting any gathering this holiday season, be sure to consider some of the following:

1. Check for COVID-19 rate in your area.

2. Limit the number of attendees as much as possible.

3. Make sure attendees wear masks as much as possible and keep 6-feet distance.

4. Increase ventilation by opening windows or doors as much as possible.

5. Encourage frequent handwashing/sanitizing among attendees.

6. Limit contact with commonly touched surfaces, such as serving utensils.

7. Clean and disinfect regularly.

8. Use touchless garbage cans.

9. Treat pets like you would other humans.

When hosting a party, the main highlight is the food. At holiday gatherings, you can encourage safety among attendees by encouraging guests to bring food and drinks for themselves. Preparing food with a mask on will help spread the virus to others attending. Some other ways to practice COVID-Safety are: (1) Limit people from going in and out of areas where food is being prepared or handled; (2) Have one person wearing a mask and serving food to all; (3) Use single-use plates, silverware, napkins, etc.

So this Christmas, think of SAFE:

S – Social Distance

A – Always Wear A Mask

F – Frequently Wash/Sanitize Hands

E – Everyone, We Are In This Together

All of us at Christ the King Manor want to wish you a very safe and Merry Christmas. Please consider fun, safe alternatives to celebrating Christmas this year. Please avoid activities that are at a higher risk of spread if possible. Although this year might be crazy, different, and maybe a bit sad, it is important to remember that making a sacrifice from gatherings this year will allow us all to celebrate together next year.

Stay SAFE this holiday season and Merry Christmas!

Author: Dominique Martino, M.A.

Title: Director of Marketing and Communications


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