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Safe Picnics for Seniors

As Labor Day weekend approaches, knowing how to safely celebrate with family and friends, especially aging adults, is very important. In this blog, you will learn how to plan a Labor Day picnic that is fun and COVID-safe for everyone.

First, plan the location of your event. Private outside spaces, such as a backyard, are ideal. If you do not have a private space available, plan to visit an outside space where crowds can be avoided. In our surrounding area, some places that would be best for outdoor events include:

  • Park pavilions;

  • Near sports’ fields;

  • Outdoor venues;

  • State parks; and

  • Campgrounds

Be sure to pack strategically. Some CDC recommendations are to bring extra masks, lots of hand sanitizer, and gloves. If you choose a public park as your location be aware of any guidelines that may be in effect in your local community. Public restrooms and water fountains may be closed so be sure to pack adequate water. Picnic tables and park benches may be taped off to limit contact. Be prepared with a large blanket as well as a few folding chairs for those in your group that may not be able to sit comfortably on the ground.

The second step in safely planning a picnic is to plan and prepare the food ahead of time. You may want to prepare your own food, purchase prewrapped/pre-packaged food from the local market, or support a local restaurant. Singly wrapped or packaged foods are perfect to prevent the spread of germs. Some suggested food options are:

  • Singly wrapped subs/wraps;

  • Individual chip bags;

  • Cook stick skewers;

  • Cans of soda;

  • Juice boxes;

  • Bottles of water; or

  • You can also check out this Pinterest Board for other ideas

If you are planning to prepare your own food, it is important to keep individual meals packaged separately. Disposable or reusable Tupperware, mason jars, and sandwich bags are just a few things around the house you can use to package your meals depending on what you choose to make.

No picnic is complete without a few games. Being safe and socially distant doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Some socially distant games that you can play include:

  • Charade’s

  • Headbands

  • Trivia

  • I spy

  • Chalk Draw

  • Scavenger hunt

Remember, the COVID-19 Guidelines to help prevent the spread of this disease. See the picture below.

Christ the King Manor encourages these safe practices while having fun with friends and family. For updates on our facility in regards to the Coronavirus Pandemic, head to

Author: Emmy Neville; Dominique Martino

Title: Administrative Assistant; Director of Marketing and Communications

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