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Positives of Aging

When thinking about aging, the first things we think about are not too positive. Some of the first topics thought about in our culture when thinking of aging includes: loss of hair, loss of hearing, loss of physique, and possible loss of memory. Although our first thought of aging isn’t too positive, there are many aspects of aging that you should look forward to. There are many strengths that aging adults gain through he years. When aging, you learn more about yourself, who you are, what you know, and what you like.

First off, aging adults have more confidence, which comes from years of facing challenges and getting through them. After dealing with challenges, aging adults tend to create many coping strategies to use in future situations. Not only is confidence created over the years, but self-acceptance is, too. Understanding and knowing who you are is a part of the aging process. According to The Aging Space MA online, when seniors look back on their lives, they are more likely to be OK with the outcome of their lives. For example, many older adults look back on their lives and say, “I didn’t become a millionaire and that is OK.” Even though the paths of life may take us in many different directions than planned, you can look back on life and realize that the paths you took gave you even richer experiences. Confidence and self-acceptance allow for older adults to experience less anxiety. As you age, people stop caring whether they can live up to other people’s expectations and the focus is narrowed in on what makes them happy.

Young adults tend to be reactive to situations and look for the defense. In senior adults, many individuals seem to be less angry and more happy about themselves. Not being reactive allows for aging adults to easily adapt to new journeys, ideas, and experiences. Many times, new adventures could include: vacations with friends or family, joining a community center group, or welcoming grandchildren.

We all have heard the line “a word from the wise”. During the aging process, you experience many things in life. Having these experiences throughout a number decades, brings opportunities to see the bigger picture in life. Encountering different situations and adventures through the years give older adults a wider view on things and is the basis of creative thinking as they age.

On top of all of these amazing reasons aging is fantastic, many places offer senior discounts!

If you or a loved one is worried about the negatives of aging, remember that there are so many more positives to aging than you think. At Christ the King Manor, we encourage residents in all areas of our continuum to remember all of the positives of aging.

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