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Falls and Falls Prevention

Falls can be scary among aging adults. There are proper ways to prevent and handle falls. First thing to think about is: “What causes falls?”. Then, “How can I best prevent falls from happening to me or my loved one?”

What causes falls? Two of the top reasons falls occur are balance issues and items within your home.

  1. Balance Problems: When aging, older adults seek a doctor’s help when balance becomes an issue. Most of the time, older adults experience Vertigo, which is the feeling of spinning due to inner ear issues. When experiencing Vertigo, making sure to keep in position even when feeling off balance is super important. At other times, balance is a problem when someone gets up from a chair, climbing stairs, bending over, or taking a large step over something. If you are not sure if you have a balance problem, ask some of these questions: (1) Do I feel unsteady?; (2) Do I feel like I am moving back and forth without actually moving? (3) Do I feel light headed?

  2. Fall-Proof the Home: There are some easy ways to help you fall-proof your home. Some of the ways include: (1) making sure there is good lighting in all rooms of the house—in the night time, remember to use night lights; (2) have handrails on both sides of the stairs; (3) keep items out of areas most walked; (4) do not use throw-rugs. Bathrooms are where most falls occur. Mostly, falls occur getting in or out of the shower. Be sure to put sturdy grab-bars near the toilet, near the shower, and in the shower.

If you are able, here are some ways you can be pro-active about falls:

1. Keep exercising

2. Get vision and hearing tested regularly

3. Get lots of sleep

4. Wear non-skid/rubber soled shoes

By focusing on how falls happen and how to prevent them, it will help you or someone you love stay independent.

If you do happen to fall, be sure to stay as calm as possible. Take deep breaths and remain still for a couple of minutes. Think, “Am I Hurt?” If not, slowly roll on your side until you are able to reach an object to help yourself up or get near a phone to call for help.

Please give us a call today and find out ways we try to prevent falls at Christ the King Manor.

Author: Christ the King Manor

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