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Employees of the Month 2020!

January Employee

of the Month

Congratulations to Karen Evens on being Christ the King Manor’s first Employee of the Month. Karen is a perfect example of “here for the residents”. In the nomination letter, it stated that all aides should be trained to be like her.  She always goes above and beyond for her residents. Karen recently celebrated 45 years with us at Christ the King Manor. Again, congratulations Karen on being January’s Employee of the Month. Your excellent effort is definitely noticed.

February Employee

of the Month

Congratulations to John Himes on being February‘s Employee of the Month. He has been working at Christ the King Manor for 27 years in our maintenance department. As stated in the multiple nomination letters, John is always willing to help the staff and residents. He constantly demonstrates a positive attitude and commitment. John is definitely a team player. Thank you, John, for always working hard and going above and beyond for the residents and your co-workers.

March Employee

of the Month

Congratulations to Pam McLeod who is our March Employee of the month. She has worked for our Home Support division since 2016. In her nomination letter from one of her clients, it stated that she is a golden employee. Since starting with Christ the King At Home, she has never called off and continuously picks up shifts. Thank you, Pam, for being an exceptional employee. Congratulations on being the March Employee of the Month!

April Employees 

of the Month

Throughout the month of April, all staff has put forth so much extra effort in keeping our co-workers and residents healthy and safe. Because of this, it was evident that there couldn’t be just one Employee of the Month this month. April’s Employees of the Month are the entire Christ the King Manor team for working together to achieve the same goal: continuing to provide the best care and service to our residents and clients during this time. Every department has kept themselves protected, along with finding innovative ways to meet all of our residents’ needs while keeping them safe from the COVID-19 Challenges. Thank you all so much for your devotion and commitment to our mission at Christ the King Manor. We are proud of our Healthcare Heroes that work here. Congratulations to all on being Employees of the Month.

Employee of the month_May.jpg

May Employee

of the month

Our employee of the month was actually nominated by many co-workers. She is described by those working most closely to her as consistently kind, helpful, and hard-working. She frequently helps other departments when there is a need. She does special things for residence, including taxes, sewing, and helping with computer issues. She also makes quilts for many expectant mothers and babies. She helped coordinate a fundraising event for an employee and transported her to cancer treatments. She has been employed at Christ The King Manor since February 1991 and started as an LPN charge nurse. She is now an RN Assessment Coordinator and has been since 2005. She rarely calls off unless she uses scheduled PTO. We are excited to announce our May employee of the month Lisa Hale,  RN.

June Employee

of the Month

Yevonna Graham, our June Employee of the Month, Yevonna has received multiple recognition from supervisors, residents, family and co-workers as someone who always goes over and above! She has been a compassionate and dependable Nursing Assistant for the past 20 years. She can be found giving care on any hall and rarely calls off (0 absences in the past 9 months!) She actively participates on the safety committee, NA Council, falls committee, and infection control committee. After hours, she can frequently be found baking cinnamon rolls for co-workers, cupcakes for a resident’s birthday, and she taught herself how to sew to make masks needed during this COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you Yevonna!


July Employee

of the Month

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month for July, Susie Felix! She is a Dietary Aide and started at CTKM in 1981. She has showed such a positive attitude, compassion, dependability over the last 39 years. She was nominated by residents and employees for this award. One of her nomination letters included this: “Every day she starts the residents’ day off at breakfast. She is always bouncy, happy, and smiley. Never misses a day to be nice!” Again, congratulations to Susie Felix who is our July Employee of the Month!

August Employee

of the Month

Congratulations to our August Employee of the month. Robin Badger has been employed at CTKM since March 10, 2010. She started her career with us in our Nurse Assistant Training Program before joining the Activities Dept. Recently, she completed her Certification as Activities Professional in June 2020. Robin was nominated by both a resident and co-worker whose comments included… “(Robin) is always smiling and happy. She truly loves the residents. She goes out of her way to help anyone- residents or staff- with anything they need. She has endless energy and always upbeat. She has the perfect personality for Activities and for Christ The King Manor. We are extremely proud to announce our August Employee of the Month, Roberta “Robin” Badger. 


September Employee

of the Month

Congratulations to the September employee of the month, Veronica Anderson. She was nominated by someone in another department and had many kind words from resident family members. The nomination states that Veronica is always spunky and promptly helps staff and residents when asked. She’s always smiling, chatting, and working hard. Positivity is in her soul. This employee never has anything negative to say about anything or anyone. Anyone can tell that she is passionate about her position here and is happy to be a part of the Christ the King family. She talks very highly of her teammates in housekeeping and has been a part of the housekeeping team for eight years. Congratulations Veronica!

October Employee

of the Month

Congratulations to Christa Overbeck on being the October Employee of the Month! She was nominated by 3 different employees from 3 different departments. This employee is known for her care and compassion to every resident that she comes in contact with. This individual goes above and beyond for residents and fellow co-workers. The nominations state that this employee never engages in any negative discussions. She is always willing to come in early and stay late if help is needed. Her positive attitude is displayed each time she greets you. She has made residents feel like family over the years and residents’ family members have commented on how much love she shows to their loved one. This individual was active in the fundraising efforts for the Alzheimer’s Association Walk. She is a great example of a wonderful Nursing Assistant who loves her job.


November Employee

of the Month

Congratulations to one of our Personal Care Caregivers, Veronica Maruschak, who is November's Employee of the Month. She was nominated by a family member of one of our PC residents. They said, "Ronnie is exceptional, hard-working, always kind and compassionate to everyone. This is such a comfort to families. She always has a positive attitude." Congrats, again, to Veronica Maruschak!

December Employee

of the Month

Congratulations to our December Employee of the Month, Amber Nixon! Amber is an LPN in our memory support unit and was nominated by resident family members and coworkers. Many of the nominations stated that Amber has shown her love towards our residents for years, and has really stepped up to the plate to ensure safety for our residents during COVID-19. Congrats again on being voted Employee of the Month for December

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