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Career Ladder Recipients

In January of 2020, we launched our Career Ladder outline for our employees. Christ the King Manor's Career Ladder has 3 different levels. Each level is specified by predetermined tasks, achievements, or volunteer work throughout the year. To receive a Career Ladder achievement, employees must work all year long and fill out the Career Ladder application by December 1st. Once filled out, the application is submitted to our Staff Development Coordinator and evaluated by the Recruitment and Retention Committee. Level 3 is the highest award possible to receive. Certificates and name badge ribbons are given to employee recipients. Congratulations to our Career Ladder recipients below.

Level 3

Sue Barr - Activities

Diane Bogacki - Activities

Deb DeChurch - Activities

Helen McKendree - Activities

Brian Baird - Maintenance

Janina Fuller - Nursing

Naomi Gray - Nursing

Amanda Hartzell - Nursing

Stacy Huff - Nursing

Christa Overbeck - Nursing

Domitila Waryoba - Nursing

Level 2

Marissa Cunningham - Dietary

Tashawn Mark - Dietary

Kim Marshall – Dietary

Stephanie Passmore – Dietary

Ada Valent - Dietary

Shelby Yeaney – Dietary

Aubrie Mullins - Housekeeping

Jacob Felix - Maintenance

Tom Phillips - Maintenance 

Jessica Deasey - Nursing

Valentina Hamaker - Nursing

Karen Sierzega  - Nursing

Brian Wiggin - Nursing

Level 1

Nancy Barr - Dietary

Patrick Brush -Dietary

Stephanie Johnson - Dietary

Marcia Turner - Dietary

Veronica Anderson – Housekeeping

Nataliya Aponte – Housekeeping

Delores Birch – Housekeeping

Wanda Frantz - Housekeeping

Carol Kemp - Housekeeping

Christina Kessler – Housekeeping

Donna Palmer - Housekeeping

John Himes - Maintenance

Amy Erderly - Personal Care 

Valarie Gaston - Personal Care

Lisa Johnson – Personal Care

Denette Jones - Personal Care

Donna Kosko - Personal Care

Joyce Lane - Personal Care

Veronica Maruschak – Personal Care

Debra Meyer – Personal Care

Michael Popson - Personal Care

Kay Varacallo - Personal Care

Billie Beck - Laundry

Derek Heckathorne - Maintenance

Mark Rajavich - Maintenance

Latrisha Cowan - Nursing

Heidi Cudworth - Nursing

Jennifer Deeb - Nursing

Bethany Erickson - Nursing

Savannah Farley - Nursing

Lisa Hale – Nursing

Ashley Hallowell - Nursing

Pamela Hulton – Nursing

Jacob Johnson – Nursing

Oksana Maksymenko – Nursing

Stephanie Maksymenko – Nursing

Sarah Martinson - Nursing

Heather McQuown – Nursing

Dave Michalski – Nursing

Sarah Michalski - Nursing

Stacy Monk – Nursing

Brittany Murray - Nursing

Amber Nixon - Nursing

Erica Perry - Nursing

McKenzie Phillips - Nursing

Vanessa Roudybush - Nursing

Tammy Royer - Nursing

Karen Sierzega - Nursing

Logan Sikora - Nursing

Heather Smith - Nursing

Richard Spicher - Nursing

Mary Ward – Nursing

Rose Webster – Nursing

Teresa Woodcock - Nursing

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